Painting: Because colors speak volumes and set the mood of any home.

Jazz up your home instantly with a fresh coat of paint. Change the way your house looks and feels without any major changes. Save the budget for bigger remodeling and do a painting job to change the look without spending a bomb. You can paint your interior and exterior at any time and without too big an investment too.

A beautiful new coat of paint will bring instant freshness to your home. If your home is starting to lose its charm, if the color is fading and peeling, it is time to book a paintjob with our resident painting experts. We have experienced and professional painters who can offer you things beyond just simple painting. Our painters will offer you a variety of interior textures, finishes and special touches. You will have all the customization that you want.

We also have our design experts on stand by to help you choose the perfect color. We understand how difficult it can be to pick a color that will suit your home and your remodeling project. A bright and vibrant color is the best to grab attention and go for a lively look. However, if you are looking to be subtle, a milder shade to go for the muted look. Interiors with soft colors are great for relaxation. Even though it is one of the smallest investments when it comes to remodeling, it is still a great way to make a big impact on your home. There are several options to choose from here as well:

  • Exterior Paintin
  • Siding
  • Interior Painting
  • Decorative finishes and stains
  • Permanent Paint

Chicago remodeling knows the difference that new paint can make. Hence we have compiled a list for you that highlights all the important areas of exterior and interior painting.

A thoughtful, well-planned paint job will add instant value to your Chicago home. Even if you are planning to sell, selling a freshly painted house is usually a good way to get better value for your property.

Chicago Remodeling company has some of the very best painters and these experts will also introduce you to the fascinating collections of interior textures and finishes. Whether your opt for an exterior paintjob that makes sure your house looks impeccable from the outside or vice-versa — it is definitely one of the best ways to quickly add value. Always remember that you will need to consult a designers and a painter in order to come up with a color combination for the project that you have in your mind. Getting the color scheme is important because a poorly chosen palette is as bad as no paint at all.
A professional Chicago painter will make sure the house looks beautiful no matter what. Even if the house has defects and cracks, they can be covered up quite easily when done correctly. However it is important to remember that attempting this without professional help can work the opposite way. Any mistakes made by you or an inexperienced contractor can make your project more expensive than it really has to be. And a bad color scheme is going to be one of the worst things that you can do to your home’s interior or exterior. So you should carefully decide on the design and color combination and consult an expert painter in order to be completely sure. You will need to base the decision on several factors such as your architecture style, existing design, etc.

Exterior Painting And Siding Options

The first lesson to remember is to always choose a professional paint expert who knows his colors. He will know the right shade and material that can be used for your house. If you are planning to do it yourself, do remember that it is going to be a very long project to do it without professional help and the quality will not be even at all. Plus, if you make mistakes then the budget of the whole project will become higher than what it has to be. So don’t waste your time and money, hire our professional crew instead. The painting team at Chicago Remodeling company is one of the very best in the industry.

Once you have hired a professional, decided on the color and material, there are still some more decisions to be made before you can put brush to the paint.

1. Painting - Painting your house once every few years helps maintain a fresh look but it is time and money consuming. So you might want to reconsider the color scheme that you have been using all along and looking some alternatives.

2. Cement Fiber Siding - This is a versatile material that can give your siding the look of stucco, masonry and also wood. For many who want the natural look of wood but do not want the high maintenance that comes with it, this is an excellent option.

3. Stucco Siding - Stucco is made out of cement, water, lime, sand and a few other materials. It is a good option for customization and it can also be tinted to various shades. However, it is not very durable when it comes to high moisture areas.

4. Stone Veneer Siding - River rock, Limestone, slate granite and many other kinds of stones are used in many constructions for their high strength and durability properties. However, they tend to be prohibitively expensive for most people. So a precast stone veneer is the more affordable option to achieve the same effect.

5. Cedar Shingle Siding - These are shingles that have been made out of natural Cedar and hence look very beautiful. They have the twin advantages of looking like wood but having a much lower maintenance than clapboards made of wood. There’s also very minimal peeling because these shingles are stained and not painted.

6. Wood Clapboard siding - If you have a large home, you can choos to go with wood clapboard. You can choose from Cedar, Pine, Redwood and Cypress and you can then choose any kind of stain that you like. Wood siding is much more durable than vinyl siding and with proper maintenance it will continue to look good for many years to come.

7. Aluminum Siding - Aluminum siding is used by many builders because they are fireproof and extremely durable. They are generally used as a replacement for vinyl siding mainly because they won’t crack as Vinyl does. It is also popular because they are still considered to be traditional. It is also more or less maintenance free.

8. Vinyl Siding - This is the most affordable type of material for siding and many Chicago home owners have used it.

Aside from these popular options, you can also go for brick veneer siding, engineered wood siding and also seamless steel siding. Since there are so many options to choose from, it is important that you consult a professional Chicago Painting and Remodeling expert to do this. He will tell you which suits your need the best.

Interior Painting Options

Interior painting has gone through a revolution over the past years and we now have a wide array of options to choose from that makes sure that you will never have to settle for flat and boring paint jobs. And you will get the best results when you hire a professional to do it. There are a lot of things that you can do with your interior walls and a professional will be able to give you anything that you want and will also save your valuable time and money. You can take your pick from faux finishes, artistic murals, textures and much more but then learning the art yourself and then doing it is going to extremely difficult at the very best. You will also waste a lot of time. That is why it makes sense to hire an interior painting professional who knows all the techniques and all the tricks to get the effect that you want. This professional will also know which color looks the best on your wall.

Remember this always — the color of your walls is the first thing that anyone notices when they enter your home. So you must choose your colors wisely and based on the existing design and style of your home. From simple soothing colors to vibrant and exciting ones - they also define the mood of the room. So if you are unsure of whether a color will suit your room, it is time to consult with the experts. Collect the sample strips of all the colors that you like and take them to a painting expert. He will gauge them against your existing architecture and décor to see which one fits the bill.

There are an astonishing number of color choices out there and beyond them lie a world full of faux finish and texture possibilities. A well-chosen color can make even the most boring places interesting. A professional interior painting expert has the following services to offer: -

1. Color Washing - This is a technique where a thin coat of paint is applied on a base coat to add to the softness and also add the illusion of more space to the room.

2. Marbleizing - A beautifully done technique that painted over a textured surface. It can be painted on top of any surface and it will create an infinite range of possibilities for your room.

3. Wood Graining - This technique uses steel combs and artist’s brushes to create the illusion of wood on any surface. It is especially suitable for doors, decorative moldings and also mantles. It requires a painter with high levels of skill for this.

4. Sponging - Use this technique to give your painted surfaces a stunning look that has glaze and also depth. It can be used to create effects that vary on impact - from subtle to overt and remarkable. The impact is varied by the choice of colors, base coat colors and the kind of glaze (flat or glossy) is used.

5. Cloth Distressing - If you are feeling artsy or simply want to hide imperfections on the painted surface, this technique is for you. It uses a cloth to wipe of fresh paint to create a distressed look and hence create a very interesting texture.

6. Rag Rolling - Great for covering large surfaces, this technique utilizes light colored base coats with slightly darker glaze colors. It creates a very opulent and pleasing look.

7. Stenciling - Another skill oriented style, it involves using stencil designs to create patterns and effects on the painted surface.

As you can understand from these options - the possibilities when it comes to painting your Chicago home are endless. This applies to both the interior and the exterior. The only thing to remember is to hire a professional who can really do justice to the techniques and styles discussed here. Call us now and find out how we can turn your home from old to new almost instantly. Get a free, no obligations estimate from our experts.

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